Dove Knows What's Up.

I love this message!
A great reminder for all of us! 

Like our appearance, we may view the negative things of the world.

Yesterday innocent lives were taken scarred from the attack in Boston.
I know evil people exist. I also know that most people are really, really good.

Though the times are getting rougher & there seems to be a grand canyon between people's political beliefs let us all focus on something far superior to all the horrible things we can see.

There is a kind & loving God who is always watching out for us.
No matter how lonely we may feel, He is always on our side.
Remember, the Savior, Jesus Christ, has been there.
He has felt everything.
& He is our constant companion if we invite Him in.

There is a lot of bad in the world.
There is war.
There is racism.
There is prejudice.
There is hatred.

More than that I can influence the world for good.
I can love.
I can respect.
I can accept & support.
I can stand up for morals.
I can keep the Lord's name sacred & show others that I love Him.

There are some things out of my control.
But I can do my bit.

When I was little my friend & I went to the grocery store & passed the Santa w/ the coin bucket ringing his bell outside.
I remember her mom said "If everyone just donated a quarter, 
they would have a lot of money at the end of the day!"

All of us can give a "quarter" of good & make a HUGE impact.

Always remember that!

I love that Dove is always making such a great stand for natural beauty & doing their "bit" to help bringing body image in the media a little closer to reality.

That's just my two cents!

Thanks for dropping by my blog & I promise to do better & keep you updated w/ my thrilling life.


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  1. How totally appropriate this message you wrote, Rachel! This piece opens the door for people to see into your good, sweet heart! Really loved what you wrote here and it is truer than true!


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