Guilty Pleasure

I love America's Funniest Home Videos.

I am the person that still watches that show. My family watched it every week when I was little! I remember laying on my belly on our blue carpet in our family room with wet hair after a bath watching that with my family! It always brings back sweet memories!
I always watched it whenever I was at the Peach's house, too! 

Such good memories!

Anyways, this show is still one of my top 3 favorites. I watch it alone & laugh extremely loud. BY MYSELF.

That show makes me so very happy.

I felt so guilty when my Child Development professor in college said that was the most violent show on TV when it started.

Tom Bergeron is the best host AFV has had. Remember Daisy Fuentes & that guy co-host. I liked them hosting even less than Bob Saget. That's saying something.

Anyways, Sunday I saw this clip & laughed so hard I cried, I called Weston out & then he laughed so hard, then we replayed it OVER & OVER.

Maybe I love this video so much because the boy reminds me of Weston in all of his home videos when he was little. Except Weston had bleach blonde hair!


  1. Hahaha!! Pretty sure that fish wished he'd died on the hook...freedom wasn't looking so good! hahahah!

  2. haha! love it! Lewis saw this as I was watching it (he didn't read the post) and he said, "that should be on funniest home videos"

    this one is my FAVORITE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9T_vuLHO8A

    I hope the link works. If it doesn't, google "westie rings bell to go outside funniest home videos" I die!

  3. Such a cute one! It totally reminded me of the videos of you, Weston! I like AFV sometimes but I don't like to see people getting hurt. Seriously, it bothers me! Guess I take life to serious, huh.

  4. I lol'd. It probably came out as more of a squawk, but whatevs.


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