Well, my birthday is 3 months from today.

So, is our phone contract renewal.

I told Weston that for my birthday I just want an iPhone 5. He laughed so hard.

"Oh, you just want an iphone 5, huh? Anything else?"

Such a goober. 
I don't mind being high maintenance when it comes to the important things in life. 
Like a cell phone.

But seriously, it's $200 for the 5. Which, I hear, is a total steal.

I've never had a smart phone. 
As the only two people in Weston's & my entire family (minus my brother eating rice & beans in Mexico), I'm feeling left out.
Weston couldn't care less.

Not to mention all of my friends that are getting skinny from "this app" & sleeping better because of "that app."
See, dear? It's good for my health.

 or love Hobby Lobby? Download the coupon app.
Uh, how about I bring in the print copy like all of your customers did back in 2001?

I see a whole new lifestyle coming on for me. I'm so excited.
Also, thanks to my awesome sister for lending me her iPhone when I see her, 
I already have Instagram.
Now that you're lucky enough to know that, you should add me. 
So, that when I get back on in a week when I see her, I can follow you, too.
I'm roobrink on there.

I can be funny sometimes, so it should be good entertainment.
And since I don't mind posting embarrassing pictures of my husband, it should also be even better entertainment. 
At his expense.

Who wants to give me a tutorial on how to use an iphone? Seriously, I am skill-less.
I don't even know how to use iPhones, iTouch, iPads. Any of it.


In fact, I think I might be the only person left on this planet that still caps the second letter in iThings anymore.

Is that still how they're written?

iDon't even know.

Anyways, I'm going to go eat some canned tuna.
I know half of you just cringed, permission to cringe. I love tuna. I could have a tuna fish sandwich once a week.

Anyway, have a great day, y'all! Also, if I get an iPhone for my birthday, anticipate a much more exciting blog.  It will be easier & less touristy to document my life now. Therefore, I will be more apt to taking pictures again. So, you can hear about all the new automatic bathroom supply dispensers at my work & other wild things like that.



  1. I lol'd at that in about 4 different spots. WRITE MORE.


  2. I still don't have a smart phone either, so I totally feel ya!

  3. Haha I love this. At least you don't have your mom teaching you how to use the iPad. That's when I knew it was bad. She still puts salt in the wound by saying things like "google it on your phone" or "Skype me and I'll tell you which one you should buy" when I call her. I have to remind her that my phone rides the short bus

  4. Hilarious, I hope you get one. I FINALLY got one for our anniversary last year (because my phone was barely holding together anymore and I had been hinting just about everyday.....it took a lot of convincing) and it changed my life. iLove it. And I would love it if you were taking more pictures! I want you on Instagram ASAP. Loveeee youuuuuu!!!!

  5. I traded in my Android for the iPhone4. There are some things I like better about the Android, believe it or not. Still, the iPhone is great! Hope your wishes come true, Rachel! Maybe there is something to being single. No one to stop me in my indulgences. Then again it is dangerous, too! I've been wanting an iPad. Will we never be satisfied! What is the newest new thing on the list--I don't want to know!!!

  6. This post was hilarious. I hope you get your wish and come over to the dark side. or the light side, depending on how you look at it ;)

  7. i never wanted an iphone. but lewis talked my into it and now i LOVE it! but i am a bit obsessed with apps, so maybe that's not a good thing. and i found you on instagram! accept me please!


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