Something I love about Weston.

He actually takes and sends pictures like the one in my last post. The last thing I'd be doing at the dentist is taking snapshots. He is so cute. & he had quite a terrible weekend.

Thursday he got cavities filled an Friday morning went in for a root canal.

His tooth was too far gone & the had to REMOVE it. Hillbilly status right there.

Anyways, I was home sick & the Camry was in the garage on jacks from Weston working on it the night before. He was at the dentist for 5 hours on Friday & then had to drive himself home with gauze packed mouth & tons of pain to boot. I felt so bad for him. He barfed all over himself & the dentist & now only has 27 teeth!

I doped him up on narcotics all Friday & early Saturday. Then he weaned himself off onto otc stuff.

He left 5:30 Sunday morning for his clinicals with the Sandy Fire department. This is his 'home-base' station. He has 2 days with them.

He can only eat soft foods for 2 weeks & cannot exercise or do any physical activity for 2 weeks either. Weston's always one to push himself so I was sure to give him lots of scary scenarios before kissing him goodbye Sunday morning & sending him out the door with enough Greek Yogurt to feed an army for the next 2.5 days.  

He's loved his clinicals so far & has had a good attitude about it all. Apparently his tooth damage was from when he got hit by a car when he was 9! The dentist said he's only seen that kind of tooth trauma one other time. I felt so bad for him.

On another note this has been an action packed weekend! In other news my best friend got engaged! 
Yay for Jenna & Garrett! I'm excited for their wedding in July! 

My cousin Jake also got married & we went to his reception Saturday night!
Yay for Jake & Kate!

I also was stupid with a complete lapse of judgement buying a carton of strawberries at Walmart on Friday.
Trying to convince myself "THIS carton won't go bad, I've thoroughly inspected it & there is no mold! 
Just to open them this morning to pack for work and they're all molded.
I forget Walmart produce lasts for 5 minutes a home.
Oh yeah, that's why I never buy produce there.

My parents finished their deck this weekend!
I love them!
My dad has worked SO hard on their home.
Unless you were there & lived at home while he was building that home you won't understand what I even mean by that, so I won't try to explain!

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  1. Oh, poor poor Weston! I didn't even know what he was going through and what you were going through either. And here, I was complaining about being tired and lack of sleep. Feeling sorry for your trouble! Also, want to comment on your parents picture! LOVED that picture of them! I will have to have Kari text that to me, too! The deck is amazing! You will love it. Your Mom and Dad have been working hard, as usual! Love you, Rachel and Weston!


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