I have worked at the same job now for coming up on 5 years.

2 employees that have been here for that entire time & who once new and called me by my name, Rachel, have decided within the past year to rename me.

One of them who I talk to EVERY day, but we're not bff's passed me in the hall after I'd been married for a year & said:
"Pretty ring! Did you get engaged?!"
"Thank you! Actually...I've been married for a year"

That coworker has started calling me Brittany.

My other coworker that has renamed me now calls me Heather.
There used to be a Heather that worked with us in reception but left a couple years ago when she had her baby, so I'll cut that coworker some slack.

I didn't realize at first that they were referring to me.  It's very strange learning to respond to a completely different human-non-nickname name. But, give me a Nobel Peace Prize or something, I've done it!
My other coworkers say, "Why don't you just correct her?"
"Uh, because we've known eachother for so long & that's awkward!"

So, call me whatever you want.
Or just "Watsername"


  1. hahahaha i didn't think this happened to people in real life! reminds me of chandler when his coworker calls him toby and he never corrects him. so funny! Rachel definitely suits you the best.

  2. Funny one, Rachel! But I think your name was suppose to be Sarah!


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