GSA: Grammar Snobs Anonymous

I am a grammar snob. 
Not to the extent of posting a big Facebook status about all the wrong grammar usages you see on Facebook.  That's too much pressure, because I make grammatical errors, too.
Aka: I constantly use the wrong tense of words. That is my grammatical Achilles' heel. 
& then there are just plain accidents, which is why I don't think it's appropriate to publicly humiliate people because of their grammar mistakes. (Plus, I am not one to talk, I don't proof-read my blog posts, as most of you have come to realize.)
However, if they make the same mistakes, go ahead & barbecue them for it. 
That is very appropriate!

Since I've been humble for most of this post, I can brag for a second.
I rock the whole they're, there, their deal. 
I also rock know & no. knew & new. two, too & to, too (you get the idea).
Something that I did not know is when the spelling of certain words changed.

Definitely definitely used to be definately.
At least used to be atleast.
Each other used to be eachother.
All of those old school spellings are currently underlined in red chevron. How hip.

Definitely could have always been with all the i's, but I remember when my friend, Diana, taught me that it's not. Where have I been hiding out my whole life & why didn't I realize UNTIL COLLEGE that it doesn't have an a?

This "at least" business is new, it's gotta be.
And don't even get me started on "each other"'s non compound formation.



  1. Okay, Rachel, you just stabbed me in the heart! I am ALWAYS getting the they're, there, and their mixed up. Also, I am good about mispelling definately and it should now be definitely. However, if you want to measure my old school education up with today's education, maybe I could give someone a run for THERY'RE money but just don't ask me anything about Science. Talk to my son about that one! hahaha I did enjoy this post, as it made me feel like I wasn't alone in my cross ups. Then again, maybe you are just talking about me so I will just quit while I am ahead! Love you still, always and forever!

  2. Funny, Rachel! I'm a bit of a snob myself with grammar...but also make mistakes, I am SURE! So you get it honest!! xoxoxox

  3. Were you directing this post to me...like can you read/reed my mind? I'm a silent grammar snob too/to/two! Glad to know I'm among great company!

  4. ok, i always thought it was definAtley...SO glad you corrected me! I am POSITIVE it used to be an A! what happened?!


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