I love the weekend.

We were planning on going down to visit Weston's family this weekend, but found out this clinicals start this Sunday & so we wouldn't be able to go. So, as soon as I got off work I headed home and we got all packed up to go visit his parents last weekend instead!
We had so much fun &, as always, got too little sleep, ate a little too much & had so much fun.
 We had a great time at Kellie's boyfriend's homecoming!
I was feeling really sick & conveniently was able to go because it was closer than driving all the way up in one long route.

I told Joan she's starting to look like Cruella DeVil with her tons of dogs running around! hahah
Saturday night there were 4 puppies hanging around! 
 This is Gizmo, the world's second cutest puppy (no one tops Bella-boo!)
 I kind of went a little crazy w/ Joan's iphone.
Toddler style.

 He's such a cuddly little guy!
 This is Sadie.
Tasha & Devin brought their new Great Pyranese to Bicknell with them, too, but I didn't get pictures of her! She's such a cute puppy, too! 
We layed around in our pjs all Saturday. It was amazing. 
 We got to FaceTime with my mom in Europe, too!
I was holding the phone while Weston squatted down to talk for a minute and laughed so hard when I realized his new antlers!
I was so happy to get to talk to my mom! 
We've been e-mailing, but haven't been able to talk for a couple of weeks because she's out of the country! I miss her!
We had a great time and I did not feel very good all weekend & slept a lot of Saturday & a lot of Sunday, too! It was a nice recharge & I feel great back at work this a.m.


  1. Rachel, it was great to hear your voice and to talk to you briefly. I don't want to steel time away from you and your Mom, but I enjoyed hearing the conversation just a few feet away! We had fun on our trip but also so glad to have a chance to talk to family more easily now that we are back in the States.

  2. Meant to comment on that cute, cute puppy! Just adorable!


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