Fat Kid Diaries

Ever have a fat kid moment?

Yeah, me, too. 

Lately, I have done a terrible job packing a lunch to bring to work.

I have packed oranges & an apple.

Well, the other day I resorted to a bagel from the vending machine at work, which I consider to be a very low place.

I went back to the dietitian's office with my bagel. My WHITE bagel, not even whole wheat, folks. The irony is thick. And that the dietitian wasn't there. Her lazy boy in her office is my favorite lunch-time nap spot.

Anyway, I eat the bagel & go back to work. It's probably 3p.m. by this time.

After work I climb into the Geo & start driving over to UFRA to pick up Weston from school. I looked in the mirror at a stoplight & just about died. I had bagel residue crusted to my face. HONESTLY, this hasn't happened to me in a long time (or maybe it happens all the time & I'm always unaware? Equally horrifying.) I had talked to a ton of patients & other people including my coworkers. Whaaaaa? I guess it didn't cross anyone's mind to say "Uh, you look like a fat kid with all that food residue on your face." 
Dangit. I'm usually pretty good at checking my teeth & corners of my mouth after eating. I failed. 

Miserably this time.


  1. Oops!!! I was with aunt Julie all week and she kept having to tell me to wipe the corners of my mouth. Am I just getting old or has this been a long-time issue I was unaware of!!! BOTH I'm sure! Yikes!!

  2. mwahaha! I hate it when this happens!
    or when you do your makeup before the sun rises in a poorly lit room and don't realize you look like an oompa loompa until you get home. That one is always fun! :) NOT.

  3. well, looks like David didn't log out. Sorry.
    David=equals your favorite cousin from Nevada named Giulia. :)


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