My Best Friend's Wedding....Errr... Engagement!

I am so sucky & have not yet posted some VERY exciting part of my life that has developed recently.

Sean, that pretty awesome fellow my sister was dating, put a ring on it!
They are now fiances!
I'm so excited for them!
But mostly I'm excited for me! I get a fun, BETTER YET, awesome brother-in-law that I know is crazy about my sister & treats her like an Indian princess! 
She's a lucky little Sacajawea!

Danielle's such a great sister & a really caring person over-all.
I love her so much & honestly it's been annoying watching lame boys flow in & out of her life.
I knew she'd get a real catch, because she's a total TEN.
After a little bit of time, & a whole lot of experience, she found the one that really strikes her fancy!
He's also crazy about her.

I knew that this boy she was dating was a REAL keeper when I heard about all the sweet things he did for her.
He surprised her with a Christmas tree.
We're talking real deal Christmas tree here, folks.
He decorated that sucker, too. I knew from then on out that they were made for each other  She loves to do things for the important people in her life. The only problem is, the other guys she dated never liked to return the favor. They were leeches of her love & home-baked goods.
Sean is a smart dude & he has his head on straight and she loves him a ton!

I'm really really excited about this marriage.
Like, surrrrrously.

She's been pretty stressed in her wedding planning, because she has a little bit on her plate.
She's teaching fourth grade full-time, searching for a new job in Arizona for the fall, house hunting, oh yeah, & planning a wedding!  I need a nap just after typing that.
 They are happier than two humpback whales finding a patch of plankton!
I'm so excited for Deej & excited to have something to help me pass my time at work as I try not to rot here :)
Thanks for having a wedding, Deej,I know you're doing it for me. It'll help the beginning of my summer pass so much faster!

Sean proposed inside the Opryland hotel! Uh, total winner proposal. Nice work, Sean. The civil wore proposal also would have been an A+.
He proposed with his grandmother's ring, & it's so gorgeous. 
I can't wait to see the one he bought her, either!

Pictures stolen from here.

She'll be a beautiful bride!
I predict they will look like cake-toppers on their wedding day.


Congratulations, Danielle & Sean!


  1. Sarah Ingle (Pence)April 22, 2013 at 8:37 PM

    I just love your blog :) You're a fun one to blog stalk!

  2. Thanks Rachy Roo! It'll be fun! It's all for you girlfriend.

  3. LOVED this Rachel! CUTE write-up! So funny!! And so true!

  4. This was just totally awesome!!! So sweet and really hits it just right, Rachel! Sean and Danielle make a wonderful couple! They seem so right for each other and this, of course, is making the rest of us feel really good and so happy about this upcoming marriage!


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