Tasha's Xrays

My sister-in-law has cancer & had it really bad in April. We had no idea. She wasn't sick & everything was normal.  However, scans of the body showed otherwise. So, she started this miraculous 4 series treatment that did not cause her to lose her hair or be really sick. It is a miracle. She has got some vitiligo spots & has lost some coloring in her eyebrows & was tired. She handled it well & is doing well. She is not in full remission, but that day will be a blessed one!  We all love her dearly & are so glad she's doing so well!

You can find out more at cantkickthischick.blogspot.com

 Tumors before Ipi:
After Ipi on September 15, 2011: 
 All the little white specks are airpockets in the lung! 
She's getting all healthy! The tumors are CONTINUING to die.
Miracles do exist & Tasha's on her way to remission!

The Lord is great.


  1. That is great news!!! I'm so glad things are getting better for her =)

  2. I heard about this good news before I ever even saw this posting and it was great news then and great news now! So happy for Tasha and all of the family! I appreciate the updates, Rachel!


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