Check em out!

THIS is really cool.  Click on THIS or THIS. To go to THIS website.

It's an interactive map of where people were on 9/11.  Weston & I have both already done this.  His is one of the 2 pins in central Utah, & mine is one of the few in middle TN.

Funny how we both come from the center of our states but they're called different things. Central & middle.  His state is a square & mine is a rectangle. Maybe that's why.

Anyway, it took me 3 or 4 times of reposting my pin to revisit the site & have it stick. So give it a few stabs (pun intended) & make your pin stick & share with the world where you were & your thoughts & feelings on 9/11 (in 140 or less letters!)

Also, THIS website is a great financial tip site that Wes showed to me as well, thought I'd share!


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