I've been pavloved.

You know, the social scientist who made the dogs drool by ringing a bell.  Association.

So, I am back at the health center. When I'm in the phone room I wear this cute little headset that gives me a cute little crease in my hair across the top of my head.  I turn my phone on & it does a little double beep as it picks up a call.

I have been bringing headphones in to watch The Office during work. When Weston gets on the computer doing homework or whatever we Gchat.  Well. With the sound, Gchat makes this lovely beep clonking noise.  So, with my headphones now in I hear this beep noise from Gchat.

It is confusing the heck out of me. I guess I fly on auto-pilot a lot more than I thought.  Whenever Weston types something to me, I say outloud, "BYU Student Health Center, how may I help you?"


Rachel: 0


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