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I'm sorry Momma & Mama Joan that this next post drew me in because of the dog. Not the baby. Love the precious babe, too, but my heart ached for that dog.

She's a Bella. Just not so deer-shaped.  My heart melted. It made me crave a puppy all over again. You know, the non-shedding kind you can love on.

More importantly let me link ya'll all to my friend Heidi's blog.  This girl is going places. Whether she's a workin woman or if she becomes a 'stay at home mom.'  Seriously, I haven't told her this, but she's incredible & beautiful & everything a woman could aspire to be. She's my visiting teacher, too. I love & appreciate her dearly.  She just recently blogged about this awesome childrens-advocate type program in Utah. It got me extremely interested. I have a year & a half left here in Utah, atleast & I think I will be looking into this program, I hope ya'll will atleast read her most recent blog post.  She pretty much rocks. 
Check out hers here: Also Love.

Let's all look into & think about how we can be better people & serve others.

I have been bad about that as of late. I get consumed in myself & my "oh so busy life." Aren't we all so busy? I need to get over it. How do we do that? SERVE!  Feel free to share any other opportunities you kn
ow of, for volunteering & sharing our talents & passions to benefit others!

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  1. RACHEL! Oh my word. You are the sweetest person ever. Wow. I was blushing so much/shocked when I read this. YOU are the incredible one :) Thank you for making my day!I just love you.


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