I think about how it's almost the middle of September & I remind myself to take deep breaths & time goes this fast sometimes.... then I stop & remember...

I sure love that hubby of mine & I can't believe we've hit the one year mark. I can't wait to spend an eternity of fall & winters with him!   (& spring & summers)

Summer used to be my favorite season, but after not seeing him all summer, I believe fall is taking it's place! :)

He's the greatest & I love the fall & cozyness of it all!



  1. Sweet post, Rachel! Love is grand and I'm glad you have found that! ENJOY MY favorite season of the year! Just reading this makes me excited for it too! Love you!

  2. you are so cute, my dear. I love reading your posts. I'm excited for fall, too. I love scarves, boots and a nice warm blanket! hope all is well!

  3. RACH! I have the best pumpkin soup recipe! My friends are from New Zealand and apparently pumpkin soup is a big thing there....its kind of like potato soup but with more pumpkin than potato!


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