My father-in-law is a pretty big deal.

Dave has been applying for this for years, Grandma Stevens told me. Finally, the year he did not apply & didn't think anything of it he was told he was a Chief Petty Officer Select.
This is a huge honor.

Joan & Lisa
Me, Melissa & Tasha all waiting for it to begin!
Melissa, Tasha, Grandma & grandpa Stevens
Wes & I
Here he comes in! Singing their sailor boy song!
They all had to stand at attention for the entire ceremony. I would have fallen over. Or passed out.
At ease.
Welcome aboard Chief Petty Officer Brinkerhoff!
Standing with fellow chief petty officers. Hardcore.
They've all received their hats & the wifeys have receieved their flowers, these boys (& lady) are happy campers!
After the ceremony. Dave, Joan & Dave's "sponsor."
Dave & his sponsor, which, as I understand it, is his mentor type guy as he went through all the initiation junk the past few months.
Melissa & Dave
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.
They're both so proud of eachother.
Wes sure looks up to his dad a lot.  I do too.
The Salt Lake City Chief Petty Officer Mess.
Tasha & Dave
Dave & some old guy!
Joan gave Dave this beautiful Navy picture!
Wes & I. Dave was supposed to be in this picture (I didn't get any alone w/ him, or wit him at all!)
He was pretty high in demand, every time we were about to take a picture with him, someone else came up & snatched him. Oh well.
My sweet hubby!
All serious now that he's a big Navy man!
He likes to think he's tough!

Wes waiting for food. It can get ugly.  Luckily he hadn't started eating me yet.
An ugly end to a wonderful day....
The BYU vs. Utah game.
We watched it in our hotel lobby in Layton.
You betcha I was screamin at that tv.
Lisa & Tash.
Lisa will see the light one day.
game face
Grandpa Stevens
Wes & I reppin in our BYU jerseys
Tash & I started taking pictures once we realized BYU was being paid to let Utah win.

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