Grandmother, birthday girl.

Let me tell you about my amazing Grandmother! She rocks.  She is beautiful, 70 and amazing!  She has been through every major trial I'm pretty sure life has to offer.  I know the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle in this life, so good heavens, he knows how strong she is!  She is simply amazing! Her & my family have lived together for the past almost 6 years! Can you believe it was 5.5 yrs ago that we moved in with her?! & 2 years ago we moved into the Natchez house?! & I've grown up with her 5 minutes away since 1996.  I sure think she's amazing & such a good example to me.  She is a southern belle & an absolute definition of the word "lady!" She is pretty much amazing!!  I love her so much!

Happy Birthday, Grandmother!!

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