1 Year Anniversary

Tyler & Bri got engaged this summer & chose our anniversary to get married :) It is definitely the best day to get married! Just like us, they had perfect weather!  They got married & sealed in the Manti temple in Central Utah & invited us to the sealing & luncheon.  We didn't attend their reception...because it was in California.

 First Stop: Mavrick.
See that intensity? hahah yes.
 The back seaters. We were chatting with Anthony.
& I think Jordan is not liking the backseat.
 I failed to take pictures at the temple, but it was gorgeous.
Perfect day for a perfect bride & groom.

 Bri was gorgeous & I wish I got a picture just of her in her dress. She didn't want her own. 

 The groom.

 Bahah <3 Central Utah

 We were so blessed to be there at the sealing! It was the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary!  The sealing was beautiful & the sealer said the most wonderful words of advice! Wes & I were taking notes the whole time!


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