Happy 1 Year to Mi Amor!

Wow, what a year, what a year!

This year has gone by SO fast & has been my favorite year of my whole life!

I always expected marriage to be great.  However, it's greater than the originally anticipated great!

We have done all sorts of things! We've worked part-time jobs, full-time jobs. Part-time & full-time jobs together. Part-time school, full-time school. We've hit seriously low financial points.  We've felt the triumph of being able to get to the point where not every paycheck went to bills.

We have lived in nasty apartments. We now live in a really nice apartment!

We have had bad haircuts, bad hair-dyes.  Good haircuts & good hairdyes.

We have started building up hobbies together.

We've worked together, cried together & built things together.

We have stubbed eachother's toes, elbowed eachothers eyes (all accidents) and we have nursed the injuries back to health.  Usually requiring some delish strawberry milk.

We have dieted & binged together.

We have watched movies & taken pictures together.

We have learned new buttons we didn't know existed before marriage & we usually are good at avoiding pushing them :)

We have bought new shoes & donated old shoes.

We have purged our closet & collected more unnecessaties.

We've gone on long drives all over the good ol' state of Utah.

We went on an amazing honeymoon to the beach.

We have had nightly cover wars.

We have played in the snow.

Played in the sun.

Played in the rain.

It has been the most incredible year. 

I love Weston more than words!  He is just the most incredible spouse & partner. I feel so secure knowing I have such an incredible companion by my side to enjoy all of the adventures we have ahead!

I do look forward to one day bein his baby momma. It will be a great day.  However, till then we still have fun & appreciate the time we have 'to ourselves!'

We're doing pretty good at enjoying every day!
More often than I'd like we have days where our only time spent together is the minute & a half between when our heads hit the pillows & when the snoring begins. While our first year was an extremely busy one, I know that life will continue to stay busy! We are doing really good at learning to schedule our time & give ourselves a routine!

I love the way Weston sticks his feet out of the bottom of the covers because he doesn't like sleeping with them covered.
I'm opposite. I sleep in socks.
I love how he brushes his sensitive teeth with luke warm water.
I love that he's so obsessed with keeping his hair 3/4" long because it doesn't get as hot
I love that Wes is such a handy-man & fixes everything.
I love that his eyebrows are unnaturally long. I love it even more when he lets me trim them.
I love it that his hands are so big. I love it when he reassures me by resting his hand on my back.
I love his hardworking feet.
They are calloused 3 inches thick just from this fire season.
They match is calloused hands so well.
I love that he has become more patient with me.
I love that he has become {a little} more patient in traffic.
I love his smile.
I love his laugh!
I love his bearded face.
His chest that is growing more hair
& that he shaves it.
I love that he puts empty containers back in the fridge.

He is just SO cute & I love him so much!

Happy Anniversary baby!!



  1. Happy 1 year Anniversary Rachel and Weston! Yay!!

  2. Yes! Happy Happy Anniversary (baby, got you on my mi-ind!)-Beattles. Seriously, so happy you have learned so much...and just so you know...things don't change much after 25+ years...you just do BEST when you ignore the bad stuff and focus on the good stuff! There's plenty of both, but the good stuff is SO MUCH BETTER...so why not JUST see all of that?? Love you BOTH!

  3. Good advice from your Momma! I'm gonna stick my neck out and say never clam up (unless it would be too dangerous to talk like throwing lamps or hair brushes.) Keep those communications lines open between you two and especially with the third person in your marriage which is Father in Heaven! Loved your post and saw both of you in your description and thought it was sweet and a good one to keep to remind yourself of what the first year was like, too. Happy Anniversary and many more joyful years together!

  4. Congratulations!!

    I guess now it's time for a baby, huh!! ;)


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