Ode to Utah

This is dedicated to the state where I have attended school for the past 4 years.


Utah, oh Utah, how I love your spring and fall.
Though you don't get as colorful as Tennessee at all.
I appreciate your dryness and bits of sunny days.
I love to have a chance to exercise in many different ways.

I appreciate your LDS culture.
One day at the gym the girl next to me was reading the Ensign, for sure.
I see it all the time.
The next day another girl reading the B of M, I couldn't believe eyes, mine.

Your beauty is uncomparable to all of geography.
You have the biggest skies, besides wyoming & those other big states quite square-y.
Your high rock mountains and ugly desert lands.
I love to see the contrast of all your distant sands.

I like all of your BYU gear provided at the grocer.
As I flip from cougar shirt to sweats, Walmart lines grow longer.
I appreciate the apparel supply because temperatures fall and rise.
At football games I can stand whether it's freezing out or burning up my eyes.

I have a little problem, though, summers go too fast.
The fall has amazing weather, but just doesn't seem to last.
Winter is around the bend, I feel it in my bones.
I love the beauty of the snow and like to eat some scones.

However, each year after 8 long months of freezing air I need to get relief.
The icey & gray slush just isn't quite enjoyable as it's splashing up my sleeve.
I will endure another year of this, because I love my husband, dear.
He has some schooling left at the Utah Valley school, only, though, 1 & a half of a year.

Yours Truly!


  1. Just plain fun, Rachel! You're a woman of many talents!

  2. You are so talented. I love this and agree with all of it.


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