Happy Sabbath!

Today was beautiful! Weston & I went to bed after watching United 93 (edited on TV) & then a documentary profiling heroes from 9/11 that were photographed by the FEMA photographer who was one of 2 non-rescue people allowed inside ground zero gates ten years ago.  It was beautiful & I had tears on my face all night long. Such beautiful stories.  The ones that were there do not even consider themselves heroes. They say the ones inside the building when the buildings were on fire who ran inside to save people are the heroes. All the first responders were the heroes.  They're all heroes, in my mind, though.

Let us all remember the heroes.  Let us all be heroes today, too.  I love what my mom 'wrote on facebook:
"I can't believe this day marks 10 years since the attack on U.S. soil known as 9/11! When I see the images of that day, it seems like just yesterday-it is forever burned in my mind. We had the wonderful opportunity of being in NYC this summer and seeing the memorials and Ground Zero. I will definitely NEVER FORGET! Let's keep America safe by being the best Americans we can be and praying for protection by our God in heaven (who will strengthen our cause and our troops!)!"

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  1. I so agree, Rachel and Weston! I had a lump in my throat practically all weekend over this memory! I loved what your Mom wrote, too! No thinking American should ever forget this tragedy and those folks that so bravely saved, supported, and helped in ANY way during those dark days. Good Samaritans are needed now more than ever in this world and I hope we will bring our country back strong and more pure in the coming generations. Everyone must do their part!


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