What a rollercoaster week. Yesterday early morning sometime Grandpa Brinkerhoff passed away in his sleep.  He is an incredible man & will be missed dearly!

He was truly a Christlike man.
He would give anyone the shirt off his back.
He spoke his mind.
He had a good sense of humor
He didn't smile for pictures. (generational thing?)
He wore his suspenders when he dressed up for an occasion.
He was just the cutest Grandpa.
He accepted me as his granddaughter before Weston & I even became serious.  I met him my first weekend down in Orangeville visiting Weston when he busted his ankle in September of 2009.  I remember his quickness & his wittiness.  & his loudness.  When he was around everyone knew it :) & that's a good thing!
He was a kind man who loved his little dog, Twitch.
He was an incredible soldier & devoted his life to the army.
He adopted Weston's Dad in Germany as a newborn baby, because Grandpa Brinkerhoff & his wife were not able to have children.  But Grandpa raised his boy to be a strong, hard worker.  Who then turned & taught his son the same.  Weston I know is the incredible man he is, because of his amazing Grandfather Richard Noel Brinkerhoff born on Christmas day in 1930.  Grandpa Brink is leaving behind a legacy.  I know that he has influenced & touched the lives of many people.  His generosity will always be remembered & cherished.

We will miss him!

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  1. That was so nice, Rachel! What a sweet man he was to be so helpful to everyone around him. He was apparently a good father because as they say you can always tell what kind of parent you have been by looking at your grandchildren. Weston is the best so I know Grandp! was a great Dad as well as a granddad, too!


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