I'm coming up for air

Holy insanely busy-ness!
I know that it seems like that is all my blog is about recently.
I'm sorry I'm not more exciting than crazy busy!
BUT, it's been really fun!

The family left, which is always sad, but I've hardly had time to sit around & notice!
My computer died & so Momma took it back to TN w/ her for Dad to fix sometime this summer...when he has a second to breathe too!
We have been moving this week, I've been working at the redcross full-time & am now a certified CPR-Adult & infant/First Aid/AED instructor!  That's right!  & tomorrow I'm going in to work with Wendy in the Health & Safety Dept, to get my feet wet!  I'm so excited!  I've been on a DAT (disaster action team) for a while & recieved a few texts that my team is on call, but no floods to run to yet! I'm kind of anxious to see how that turns out!
When I haven't been working at the Red Cross we've been moving our apartment!  Yes, we're slowly but surely working our way into our Branbury Apartment!  I LOVE it.  You never realize the luxury of a dishwasher until you haven't had one for a year, I didn't realize the darkness I was jumpin into last April as I moved out of my glamorous Bel-Court apartment! 
We've also been working at the Branbury & I'm working on Saturdays at the Health Center, I have time to breathe every now and then ;)
I seriously go to bed exhausted & wake up & hit the ground running exhausted the next morning! 
Dad switched Momma's plane so she could leave Tuesday after the funeral, but due to awful tornado-y storms in TN she got stuck in Utah, darn.  She got the 'move' ball rolling & helped us move almost the entirety of our apartment on Tuesday...it was the most incredible thing EVER, Chad hooked us up w/ a trailer so we could move our bed, Kristin & Joel came that night & helped us put it together, all in all it was an amazing day & it's always so much fun to work w/ Momma, she's so positive!  Thanks Mom!!!
BUT LG, baby!

& please come see our new apartment...it has cupboards, drawers & closets.  It is incredible!

It actually feels like home, even with the boxes everywhere!
We found an amazing entertainment center like the one above, but it's a little different!
$50 at DI....yeah...amazing!  I am obsessed, pretty much. I'll put up a picture of my own soon, not one courtesy of Google Images!
Monday night Momma, Deej, Wes & I went & watched Justin Bieber, the real deal, in his movie...omg I am in love.  Seriously, don't see that movie unless you want to leave heartbroken, Wes is playing JB right now, but it still tugs on my heart-strings a little...

& Guess what?! 
In a couple months I'm taking a class to get trained to drive this bad-boy!
OH, & who is a computer geek? I am proud to say, ME!
That's right, I set this sucker up by myself & gave us a Network name & everything...that's right...Spencie would be so proud.

Okay, so something I wanted to talk about also.  
Monday was Grandpa Brink's funeral, it was the most incredible service!
Weston gave the tribute to Grandpa Richard N. Brinkerhoff.  It was amazing.
He is such a wonderful speaker, he was so nervous he was going to not do justice to Grandpa, but he spoke so beautifully & eloquently.
Dave spoke also, & at the end of his post, because he is still in the Navy, he stood to the side of the podium he was speaking at & saluted Grandpa Brinkerhoff's urn.  It was the most emotional moment.  It was so beautiful & special.
There was a 21 gun salute from 4 eighty-year old men.  They were standing across the grave from us, ...& seriously the guns were as big as a few of them, one of them started waving it around, because it was a little too heavy...hahahah I almost hit the deck, but I stood there w/ blind faith.  Only to find out later I would have been okay regardless, they were blanks. Each of the family members put one of the shells from the 21 gun salute in the top box of Grandpa's urn.  It was incredible.  The national guard did the flag ceremony and gave the flag to Dave.  It was all just so incredible.

Grandpa Brinkerhoff was the most incredible man who left a legacy among everyone he came in contact with.  If you met him, I'm sure you have a hilarious story about him.  Everything that came out of his mouth, until the day he passed was hilarious & witty.  He had great humor & spoke his mind...maybe a little too much.  He was stubborn & humble as they come.  He doesn't smile for pictures, even though we snuck a few.  He always wore his trucker hat, or for nice occasions, a top hat.  He was a quaint man with a huge heart.  He loved the history & military channels.  He was in 4 aircraft wrecks in the Army.  He lived in more countries than I even know the names to.  He has lived in more countries than I could count.  He gave anyone who asked the shirt off his back.  He always gave when someone was in need.  He told me that if he ever had anything I needed that it was mine.  Because that's just how he works.  He never said a word he didn't mean.  He was as sincere & honest as they come.  He was a hard worker & he LOVED cars.  He had a whole car-yard in the back.

The husband took this picture at graduation & sent it out to the family today with the caption:
First fresh fruit since freshman year! 
bhaha unfortunately that is TOO close to true!
but thank you BYU for providing snacks after that REALLY long ceremony.  I was starving & didn't eat my stale bagel for breakfast!

Well I am exhausted & am going to watch MegaMind while making label stickers for our DVDs & rub lotion into my cracking dry hands [the dust from the other apartment has DESTROYED my hand as I have wiped tons & tons of dust off everything!]!

Love you all!
leave comments w/ thoughts, opinions, threats, love-notes, advice! 
I love hearing from my reader(s)!


p.s. anyone know of any great deal on car parts?  We need a new radiator!


  1. Oh my gosh, moving can beso stressful, good luck!
    Oh, and cute entertainment stand!


  2. Rachel! FUN to hear from you and about your life since I left two whole days ago! We did have fun, didn't we? I LOVED being at "Grandpa's" funeral and loved being with you and Wes...wish Danielle could have joined us that last night but YES, we loved Beiber'ing together, huh?? GOOD LUCK on all you are doing and CONGRATS on your success at the Red Cross! Such blessings you and Weston have received with the internship and Branbury too! Awesome!

  3. I work right next to a car part yard. The name of the place is Hilltop Auto. Its right at the top of the Provo/Orem Hill. Their number is 225-0401, so I would try giving them a call =) Good Luck!

    Btw, I don't know if I've ever really introduced myself to you. I'm good friends with your old roommate Jessica. I think I've met you maybe once. Anyway, I'm Ashley and I love your blog. You're a great writer and always crack me up.

  4. What a whirlwind, Rachel and Weston! It is something else just to write about it all, too, huh! Glad you got moved in but sad that I missed the move, missed the fun Bieber movie with you guys, missed the latest trip to Yogurtland, and all the rest! It seemed like I got to do a lot with you all though and I am really happy about that! Thanks for sharing your amazing lives, Rachel and Weston! I always look forward to reading about some of my most favorite people! Hope you get a chance to breath and thank goodness for the Sabbath Day which is upcoming!


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