I do this too much.

Want to know how I know?
Because I've used this same Google Image Search picture before.
So, here I am sitting in the RB computer lab minding my business & studying for a final.
Wes comes to visit me after his workout.
We chat.
I tell him of my new discovery of Jason Deere's band's show here in August.
I told him "It's the same show I went to a couple years ago with Kristin, you were firefighting, & we needed a ride, so Kristin asked this guy that liked her to take us & it ended up being a double, I don't even remember my date's name."
I notice the guy i n front of me in the computer lab turned around to glance at me.
 I kept telling Wes the story about how it was fun, but we really just needed a ride. & telling him how I've seen that guy twice on campus ever in the past 2 years since that date, but that I always feel bad bc I can't remember his name.
& then I was showing Wes the concert info & realized that the guy in front of me was built kind of like the other guy.  No.....
So, Wes leaves to go running & then the guy looks down to his left & I realize....it is SO him.
OMG I wanted to die... I ran out of the lab & chased down Wes & told him that it was TOTALLY the guy that I was just saying I used for a ride! hahahahahhahhaha
I'm not good at writing this story down, but seriously.
But, to say the least, it was a little uncomfortable.


  1. Whoa! Man, did you catch it! I would have been so embarassed, too. Poor guy, I hope he can find a date that appreciates him. lol


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