So at graduation your row lines up and you walk through a little photo booth stand before you go to the stage to receive your diploma holder w/ the sample diploma inside. 
I made a face when I got my diploma.
Dad didn't believe me.
He was videoing it all on his camera, so he missed my lovely pose.
So, when I got the e-mail this morning w/ my proof info, I couldn't resist sending it to him...

As for this one, I'm not really sure what to think.
I think I should have been the designer...
I mean, it was really bad planning, because Jimmer graduated with me, too.
I can only imagine his looked something like this:
[does he remind anyone else of the friend in Diary of a Wimpy Kid?]
 If I had designed the green screen backgrounds I would have chosen maybe a cougar creeping over my shoulder.  Or maybe one in a tree, ready to pounce, something cool like that.
& just so I don't embarrass my mom too terribly, I thought I'd throw this picture in with the lot.

I hope everyone in Utah is having a snowy blustery day, & everyone everywhere else is having a fabulous sunny or tornado-y day. 
But seriously, please remember the southerners torn apart from this tornado.  I have a constant cortisol release everytime tornado season rolls around.  However, I did benefit from it, because my mom got 'stuck' in Utah with me because of the tornado troubling weather!

Love from Provo,



  1. hahaha i love that you made a face receiving the diploma. you would!! perfect.


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