Yesterday I became a BYU Alumna!

This week has been a non-stop party!

Except too darn bad life keeps truckin even when your family is town!

Both of my jobs were very flexible...wow I work with the greatest folks!

The health center let me take Thursday & Friday off, our coworkers at Branbury took our cleaning checks all day yesterday & split them amongst themselves & today we are covering all of their cleaning checks for transfers!

It is amazing I have had SO much fun having my family in town! I love when they visit!  My brothers came in Wednesday afternoon & my dad Wednesday night! The brohas left this a.m. back for TN & the madre & Grandmother leave tomorrow morning! We also had Aunt Julie & Scrawny Ronny in town!  It has been so so SO fun! & so busy :)

I was curious as to how the whole graduation ceremony would go.  We woke up at 6, Kristin & I left the hotel where our family's are staying at 6:45, then we met Dani at the Smith Fieldhouse for the ceremony!  We laughed because Kristin & I switched college graduations to be in the same ceremony as dani & so our name cards were as follows:

Danielle Marie Stolworthy

Rachel Stolworthy Brinkerhoff
Danielle's sister graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Public Health.

Kristin Nicole Reichert
Danielle and Rachel's cousin graduating with a Bachelor Degree in the School of Family Living.

it was pretty hilarious. There were lots of husbands & fiances graduating with their significant other in the McKay College of Education. But we were the only train of 3.  I was a little bummed about not being able to walk with all of my friends that I've been in classes with for 2 years, but I got to walk w/ my sister & cousin & other friends such as Ashley Eckel &  Whitney Olsen.  It was pretty fun :)

I may have been a little hyper & the student speeches may have been a little boring....& may have had nothing to do with my studies as I will not be teaching the future generations of this nation, BUT Public Health is the same as teaching in the sense of, you do it it better our communities & you don't get paid for it :)  So, I applied the speeches to what I learned at Brigham Young University!

I gave a presentation at the end of my Career Strategies class.  In that I was telling everyone how I had talked to my mom a few weeks ago & how I told her all I really want to do is stay at the health center (which I am doing) because I love my job there!  I love being a receptionist, I love talking to the people & greeting the sickies & I LOVE my coworkers!  I pretty much have the greatest job!  I told her I'm not quite sure why I went to college, because I could have been a receptionist w/o a bachelors,  & then I actually could have lived the past 4 years on more than paycheck to paycheck!  I then realized as I was telling her this, that I know why I went to college. I went to college because I love learning.  I love learning about health.  I love interacting with others.  I LOVE my education.  It is something that I treasure & will always treasure.  Even if I don't become a public health professional.  I did not like homework or reading, but I loved my lectures & classmates.  I made so many friends & memories through my education.  I was tested & tried & overcame. I realized things about myself that high school had not taught me. I learned independence & a greater love for my family.  My testimony of the savior increased ten fold.  I feel like I have really grown through my BYU experiences.  I wouldn't sell them for gold!

Here are a few pictures from my cellular device (my computer gave up the ghost for its final time on Saturday, so I currently can't upload my camera photos):
Yep, again, extremely grainy! 
Kristin (6 mos. prego!!!), Me & Deej
 Being extremely thankful that either my ears don't stick out &/or that I have enough hair to cover my ears!
That cap did some awesome things to our hair!
& no purposeful seduction tactics here (I was wearing a tan shirt) & my zipper kept falling down 3 inches!
 After we walked, I hope holding my cell phone in the air to take a picture wasn't too disruptive...
I think Dani is a little excited to have completed 5 years of college! & she survived!
I was SO glad I did the ceremonies & traditions for graduation, it was all SO much fun & it was really nice for my family who has been supporting me & rooting me on to be able to come participate & get credit for helping me through school!  My parents, brothers, Grandmother, Weston's parents, grandparents, sisters, Aunt Julie & Uncle Ron  all came to cheer for us after our names were announced!

& not to mention I got spoiled ROTTEN!  I got an AMAZING camera from my parents! It's a canon SLR!  Woohoo!!!  I'll be taking lots of photos from that! I just need to get a mega SD card first!  & my grandmother got me a KINDLE!  WHAT THE HECK!? It's amazing...I'm so so so excited to use that!  Jodi Piccoult & Ann Rule here I come!  My Aunt Julie gave me moolah! Grandparents Stevens & Aunt Cindy, Uncle Reed, & Logan all got me an amazing gift card to Deseret Book!  Seriously!  Weston says it is not good to get married have a Christmas & graduate from college all in the same year, you get too spoiled...& holy hannah is he right!


  1. Congratulations! That is so great!

  2. Happy Days, for sure! We had a ball out there with you and couldn't be more proud of you! Way to plow through and get that degree, Rachel! Love the post, the memories and the pictures!

  3. Ditto on your Mom's post! I really did enjoy this reminder of good times, fun times, with sweet memories of your graduation, Rachel. We can truly experience a little of the Celestial life on earth when we gather with those we love. I pray it will be so for all of eternity! So sad to have missed your new apartment and being able to help you move in, too. Thanks for sharing the great times we all had together!

  4. I forgot the most important part of all...CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR GRADUATION FROM COLLEGE, RACHEL!!! Such a big, big event and I am so proud of you and really happy to have witnessed it, too! Love, Grams xxxooo


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