WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. It was a long one.

Wow, what a whirlwind of a week.

I have some sort of a sick bug, probably due to such an exhausting week.
So, I only feel partially AWFUL.

BUT, I swear I haven't fallen off the earth, I've just been preoccupied.

So, last Monday we found out Tasha's Melanoma is back.  Then Thursday we got the awful news of how terrible & serious her disease is.  I spent most of last week down in Wayne County w/ Weston's family & then missed other classes for the appointment on Thursday.   Oh, & I've been working 2 jobs between Branbury & the Health Center.  Something about perspective makes classes seem oh, so unimportant.  Now it's Monday & time to play catchup with life!  Graduation is in a week & a half.  Ecstatic?  Yes!  But I could care less about the ceremonies & the pictures.  I'm just ready to be done with school.  Is it horrible that I'm feeling apathetic like that right now?

Well, some fun picture updates!

This is my baby on Friday that I resuscitated over. & over. & over.
Maybe I got sick from giving CPR to so many dummies... ha i don't think so, we cleaned them off.
 This is my cute little husband at senior night.
No, contrary to Jenna's thoughts, it is not a 55+ senior night, it's the graduating senior kind.
ha ha ha
We played Cranium for a little bit & Joel was trying to get Kris to guess "bra shopping."
Funniest thing I have ever seen.
 Kristin, Joel, Me & Wes
 We played some Jeopardy game.
Wes & I went through after Kristin & Joel & when we came out we realized we'd won the same prizes!
Wes & Joel's is a sweet fleece blanket.
Don't ask me how we're all smiling, but this is right after Tasha's appointment at Huntsman's on Thursday when we got the news on the road ahead.
In the picture is me, Wes, Shawnee, Melissa, Tasha, Joan, Dave & Vicky
 I got to hang out with this little pup more this weekend!
I never blogged about it, but the beloved Kia was hit by a car in March & killed.  So for Tasha's birthday Dave & Joan got another Golden Retriever.  This one is named Sadie & she is SO cute.  Seriously, it's the first dog I haven't been totally annoyed that she's shedding all over me, I love her!

On Sunday we went to the Thurber ward down in Bicknell, they were great church services & everyone was fasting for Tash that day. It was so great.
This is a picture of her & Damion, the off & on boyfriend :) They're so fun to be around!

Grandpa Brink also had a heart attack last Monday.  He is still around & not doing too well, so if ya'll can be praying for him & Tash, that'd be great!


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  1. I feel like I have read the intro to "Tale of Two Cities," it was the best of times, it was the worst of times! The beginning of this entry made me laugh, and the ending made me cry! So many to love in all of these great photos though! We are blessed immeasureably to have so many to love! Starting next week, I get to get some hugs and kisses from all of these sweet people, too! Let's make the best of the moments in time when we can be together as life is ever changing. Next year, there is no telling where everyone will be! Love my Grands and their one and onlies! Love the Brinkerhoff family! I'm so lucky, I'm so blessed to have you in my life!


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