SUCH a tease!

I have been talking all week about how I am so excited to be able to sleep in on Sunday.... our old ward was 9am(which still kind of feels like sleeping in) BUT our new ward was at 12:30.  uh PERFECT time! :) & I just texted a friend to find out what time exactly to be sure where it is, etc....it's definitely at 9am tomorrow bc they're changing the married ward boundaries, so I guess tomorrow it is just an exception to be starting at 9am...DANG!  Oh well, NEXT Sunday I am going to sleep in!


1 comment:

  1. Wait till you have kids! 9am is early to get the kiddos out the door, BUT! at least its not in the middle of lunch and nap time like 12:30. Once the kids are involved your whole perspective of when church starts changes drastically!-Stephy


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