Dear followers, friends & family.

It has been a crazy week in my family.  Please go check out


to find out more. I'll write more tomorrow!

Seriously, thank you everyone who reads my blog! I appreciate knowing that people actually read it!  If you don't follow my blog, but stalk it religiously, please feel free to follow!  I love to meet more people!

& everyone please go follow the blog for Tasha, too.



  1. Rachel,

    You did a wonderful job on Tasha's blog. Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm also happy to see that you and Weston are doing well. I just might regularly stalk your blog, now that I know about it! :)

    ~Natalie O.
    (I used to be their favorite neighbor, and I still haven't forgiven them for moving!!)

  2. Rachel, I hope I don't embarrass you but you make me proud! Love you!


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