Some weapons can be our best friends.
Or worst enemies.
We just have to know how to use them.
I remembered from when I had braces that the ortho had given me little samples of canker sore meds to put on them when my braces rubbed my lips raw.
I've been really sick the past week (feeling better today, thank goodness!) & I have had a few really awful canker sores which are fun to thrown on top of the terrible monthly cramping & fabulous hacking cough.
I picked up this bad-boy equivelant to a bazooka yesterday at Wally World.

& you want to know where they're growing? Right along my gums where my tooth brush runs.
So you know what, every brush is a reminder of the painful little monsters hiding there waiting to destroy me with strawberries or hygeine.

Weston, my dear husband & amazing nurse waiting on my hand & foot, cut off the tip of the medicine as instructions showed. However, he clipped it a little too enormous.  So, I opened my cheek put the bottle way back in my mouth & squeezed a little, NOTHING.  So...hmmm well maybe I'll just squeeze it a little harder this time, I couldn't see bc my hand was in my entire mouth.  So, I put the meds back in & squeeze a tiny bit but for a while, still couldn't feel anything coming out.  So I pull my fist out of my mouth & HOLY HANNAH, I squoze the entire bottle back into my mouth.  Oh dang.  This stuff is a numbing agent.
Oh golly, it works fast.  I tried to squeeze it back in the bottle, but got impatient so I just spit it all into the sink.  Too late.  My entire mouth was numbed.

hahaha but luckily this included the canker sore!  I just couldn't feel if i was drooling or not.  Good thing it was right before I went to sleep.  My poor husband.


  1. Now that was a weird experience to say the least! Glad you got some relief from the cancer sores. They are just awful and I get them on occasion, too! I understood perfectly what you were trying to say, Rachel.

  2. Ha ha ha! That is so funny!


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