Family Fun Fabulousness

The Fam is back in town!

It's been a week full of the following:
Laughing, fun, outtings, food, bruises (my brothers[& husband] are now enormous & slightly clumsy), love, cards, work, school, driving, squishing in the car, pictures, gifts, laughing, laughing, laughing!

It's been so amazing! Seriously! 

A trip to Borders!
Uncle Ron tried, to no avail, to brainwash me with his Democrat ways, while
Spence & Wes read nerdy books about politics & Mandarin Chinese
 Mom & Chase learned a little more about his photoshop program he got for Christmas
Discovery:  Paranoid people should not write books.  It produces treasures like these:
 [yes that is a diagram of all the ways that duck could kill]

 we played lots of golf!


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