Sorry you've been so neglected this week, blog.

It's been busy.
You know, with 2 jobs, school, finals & being gross & sick.

That's not including all the emotional distress this past week has caused.
but don't take it personally, you weren't the only aspect of my life neglected.

School...got a couple grades I'm not so proud of.
And the amount of minutes we used on our phones.
Except that is an expensive neglect...I won't be neglecting that one again until the shock of paying more for our phone bill than rent has worn off a little....

BUT a little side-note for a good Friday afternoon, it is now official (not quite facebook official):
I am awkward.

I'm pretty sure that's been proved in this blog all too well the past few days.
But first of all there's some italian dressing smell in the phone room & it's making me nauseous.

That's not the awkward part.

I was confirming an address. the guy spelled it for me.

"Apartment S200"
"Was that an f as in frank or an s as in....soggy...?"
"ha, uh, yeah, that one, s as in soggy."

hahah yes, please.

Note to self:  keep a list of NONawkward words on queue for being put on the spot when verifying addresses.



  1. You have had quite the challenges lately, Rachel and Weston! Hoping for you that things can mellow out just a little anyway! I'm really glad that you and Weston have each other to travel through this lone and dreary world (at times) together. You are very blessed to have each other!

  2. hahahahaha soggy...oh my gosh I'm dying right now.


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