That is all I can say about this week. 

This summer has been seriously unreal.  Wes & I haven't done anything summery. I have zero tanned summer skin. Seriously. No remnants of summer have shown in our lives this summer except for Weston's exremely tan face, neck & arms that show when he's hiking at work or something.  Anyways. Wes has been gone a majority of the summer. As in. Him and I have not been to our ward once together since before we went on his New Mexico tour. The last person I sat next to at church this summer in our ward here in Provo was Chase when he was visiting while Wes was in New York.  There was one Sunday when Wes & I went to President & Sister Hutching's return from their mission. But now looking back, I realize how much of a miracle that is! He has been on a fire every Sunday this summer.  It is unreal. We have hardly seen eachother. Except for when he's not on a fire & we have about 3 hours together at night before sleep. We were talking about it this week & it made me sad. Because on numerous occasions recently I have kept talking about wintertime as though we're in it right now. & getting frustrated with myself! We went to the pool together a couple times in June, but I always thought it was too cold to swim & we haven't been able to go back since. I regret that. Canoeing is something I love to do atleast once every summer, its what I loved most about growing up in TN there were so many awesome rivers to canoe in. or wade in or anything.  We haven't done that either. We've had a few barbecues with Weston's fire squad & those have been fun, but we haven't even built our grill yet. It's still sitting on our patio in it's box. We have the best of intentions for it though! Just no time! I'm looking forward to Weston starting school up next week. Which is strange to say because I know it will be stressful for him & that he'll have a full plate with 17 credit hours. But it will be nice knowing we'll atleast be able to attend church together! Well sacrament meeting before I go to nursery :)

Anyways this week has been as crazy as the best of them. We both work full 8 hr shift days. & this week Wednesday I had a 16 hour work day going from 8am to midnight that night between our two jobs & Weston, from 9 to midnight. Thursday eight to five then that night from 8:30 to midnight.  But with running & getting ready for work again  & dinner & everything there wasn't any relax time. Then Friday I took off of work at the health center. Just so we could work at Branbury.  It was move-outs. Which is the biggest day for the RAs at Branbury. We do all the cleaning checks for move-outs. These are way more intense than the monthly clean checks we do. Those take from 4-6 hours. But the move-outs we have to check every drawer every corner every cabinet. Everything. Everyone is supposed to be checked & out of their apartments by noon. Apparently the guys in our building think they're exempt to that because we had to go recheck a ton of apartments probably 5 or 6 times. I should've just failed them on our second trip back when they weren't finished. It was ridiculous & Weston & I both worked that from 10am to 7:30 pm that night. What a train wreck. Wednesday night when we had worked that 16 hr day I said to Wes "Wow, surprisingly I don't even feel that wrecked!" The next day it showed. I was having such a hard time staying awake. & I was hating being at work. It was a problem.  But Friday was pure exhaustion.  I did not even go to the bathroom until 8pm. If that tells you how dehydrated I was. I felt like death. :Anyways. so we went & did the obviously healthy thing & got a pizza brought it home. Ate it dangerously fast & watched 3/4 of a national geographic documentary & passed out. Naturally. Then we woke up Saturday. We slept in, woke up at nine & could not decide what to do with a day off.  We have not had a workless day off probably since June that one of us wasn't working, because Weston's work week (unless called on fires, which he usually was) is Tuesday through Saturday & mine is Monday-Friday. So naturally we should both have Sundays off, but he has been called to work on Sundays & Monday's pretty much all summer. Poor guy. So we had this day off & we had talked all week about what we were going to do on our day off. Go down south & go hiking. Go canoeing. Go rock climbing. Sit. Go to the pool. We couldn't decide. One thing we had noticed is that we particularly loved the third floor apartment in our stairwell. We had just done their checkouts Friday & wanted their apartment. So we asked Nina if we could switch apartments. She rearranged some people & gave us the go-ahead. So we hit the ground running, I started doing loads upstairs while Weston went to get 2x4s to rig up something him & my dad planned up to get the piano upstairs. He got back & helped me do some loads upstairs. I had just done a few loads & was struggling with optimism.  This isn't something I generally struggle with, but I just felt like I'd been beaten with a bag of potatoes.  Weston still really wanted to move upstairs. As did I, minus the moving part. haha but anyways so I just was about dissolved to tears & asked Wes if it was really worth it. We probably talked for a half hour deciding what we wanted to do. We decided to stay downstairs in our apartment with the bugs. & the footsteps above us. & where the piano is already happily sitting.

 (we went to Ikea & got the stuff we needed & did a deep gutting of our apartment, so we're more pleased with the space we have & we switched out our blinds, so now our windows are covered reeeeeally well!)

I had a sore throat & have decided that I think I was sick yesterday from pure exhaustion, because I could feel  my sore throat throughout the day & when we were trying to decide what to do Wes asked me if we wanted to go canoeing (it was already 3pm by this point) I told him I was too exhausted. But we couldn't even relax in our apartment because there are boxes piled everywhere from everything we boxed up to move upstairs. So he came up with the most brilliant plan. We went and bought lunch out (our whole kitchen had boxes on every corner & on the floor. I was too tired to put them away) & we took our books to the park. We ate our Arby's at the park (I know, we're on a health streak) & read. & I napped. But Wes is finishing up Hunger Games & I am half way through the book "Heaven Is For Real." Really good book, but I'm not such a huge fan of how it's written. The dad gives such intense detail & it just feels kind of fluffy. Not much content for how many words it is. But it's a quick read, I read half the book between Friday night & our trip to the park.  Anyways, then we went up to Ikea & found some great organizational items. & heart-shaped ice trays. Bahah. Then came back home and it was about 10 when we got home. Cereal for dinner & then hit the bed.  It ended up being a REALLY great day with Weston. It was so nice to spend uninterrupted time together. I even got him to have his phone on silent. Because he had been off work for Branbury, he couldn't be called to a fire, anyway, so I was the only thing that had his attention. It was wonderful. We left our phones at home all day.

However. Now it is Sunday morning & Wes is on a fire & I am sitting in bed at 6:15 wide a wake & still feeling like a semi has rolled over me a few times. While our apartment is all in boxes around me. My visiting teachers are supposed to come today. I don't want to have to unpack everything. I'm staring at it & hoping that all the items will come to life & scurry to their spots. Especially in the kitchen!


Weston told me I couldn't actually feel like a train wreck because I am not a machine. Whoops, I get confused sometimes.


  1. What a week! You're such a strong girl though. Let me know if you guys need any help moving or packing or unpacking this week. Doug and I are more than happy to help =)

  2. Take your (above) friend up on her offer, Rachel and Weston! I read this blog and it made me totally feel sad for you. I know how it must be affecting your Mom, too. So sad that we are so far away and can't make a dimes worth of difference in your day except to say we love you and we DO! I hope that you don't get a week like that very often. It isn't healthy to have that much stress very often! Love you and blowing kisses your way---all the way out to Utah!

  3. PLEASE let me know the next time you need help :) You are awesome and always so optimistic! ... you amaze me with everything you do! So happy to know you :)


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