Monkey Business

Wes is extremely obsessed with silver back gorillas.  We watch gorilla shows all the time. He wants a cave in our house that has gorillas in it.

Tonight he said "I don't want a gorilla anymore..."

& then showed me this article.


but seriously.Yikes. Poor woman.


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  1. I saw The Rising of the Planet of the Apes movie and believe me you don't want those critters around you. That movie was scarey! I know the movie was a fantasy but still we can't forget that they are not domesticated animals! I didn't go look at the article 'cause I suspect it was the one about the lady having her face torn off by her "wonderful pet" a gorilla or chimp or whatever it was. I have heard other stories in my lifetime that are not good about those creatures! They belong in a cage or in their own habitat for sure!


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