Remember that time I left my movie in the Redbox??

yeah... that was embarrassing...

Well I outdid myself. Except this one cost a lot more money!

2 weeks ago Wes was on a fire & I was on my way to church.  Only to stop at the ATM to pull out 3 paychecks worth of tithing. Yes. 3.  I did the transaction the money came out, I just wanted to be sure I did everything right so before I forgot I needed to text Wes & tell him about the transaction. So, as I was texting him. It sucked the money right back into the machine! UH...I started clawing at the little metal door to give me my money! Ah. I freaked out. I called the customer service line on the atm. It was closed till business hours. Peachy! So, I drove around the block (there was a long line of suited men & dressy women in sudans behind me.  I drove around the block & went back up to the atm. Trying to withdraw it again just so I could actually get it in that day. Nope. wouldn't let me withdraw money. What the heck. Anyway. So I am late to church & since I didn't have to teach nursery that Sunday I ran home after the first hour & made looots of phone calls.  Finally got through their automated system to talk to a lady & to find out what to do. Basically she said the refund would take 10 business days.  I still have 3 more business days to wait.  I didn't even know atm's sucked the money back in. & wouldn't the machine know it was sucking it all in? Then why did it still charge me? ugh I was so frustrated with myself! So, anyway, it's still a little raw & I haven't quite started laughing at myself hysterically yet, only partiallly.  Until the moolah is refunded to our account I won't be able to stop thinking about it! Just thought I'd share.  Hope you enjoyed.

Life lesson: TAKE YO MONEY!



  1. Girl...I was STRESSED for you but so glad to hear at the end that you should get your money BACK! Yay! Love you!

  2. This is a very stressful story, Rachel! I had something similar happen to me, though it wasn't my money but my card that sucked up and I couldn't get it back. I feel your pain! That was horrible for your money to be taken and you couldn't even talked to someone about it, except through a painful process. What has happened to customer service?


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