Taxed & Taxed Again!

My dad did our taxes for us last weekend (Thanks Pops!!).  & I OWED the government $86....how does that work out? Super sucky!

but anyways.  Today is going to be a long one. a 16 hour work day!

8am-5pm MTC health clinic
5-6pm: four apartment checkout appointments
6pm-11:30/12: Branbury meeting & then office shift

I'm a wittle tired & extremely crampy.  Today's not lookin too bright as of right now.  Boy oh boy.  I keep saying it but I'm doubting it will ever happen. I can't wait till life slows down & I don't have so much to do all the time!

Love you all & hope you're doing well!

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  1. He did my taxes, too, Rachel! I don't know how he manages to do everything he does and I don't know how you do it either! It is a good thing you are young is all I can say! Wishing you well as you plow your furrow today! Just think, as my Mother used to say, "this too will pass." I hope you are eating well to help you physically manage all of this! Love you and thinking about you today as you work so hard!


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