Just plain rude!

My favorite food.

Pumpkin anything.

Especially with Chocolate Chips.

These foods sneak their way out of cupboards and ovens around Thanksgiving and Christmas mostly.  However. I have been on a sugar fast for about a month. (haven't seen any results yet. ugh) & it's definitely summer time.  Yet I have been tortured, I can promise you.  Pumpkin chocolate chip treats have snuck their way in front of me TWICE in the past two weeks.  What are the odds? I'm not sure either, but it's cruel.

At the MTC we have a staff meeting once a month on Friday mornings.  2 weeks ago someone brought pumpkin chocolate chip bread for their contribution to the potluck breakfast.  Then when I picked Weston up from work Saturday night to drive down to Fishlake Bret, Wes' coworker, offered me pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  He acted all offended that I didn't take one. Which is even worse, because I hate offending people.  BUT I stayed strong.  Now only if I can see some results I might start to call this sugar fast worth it. We'll see!

BTW Nursery was a warzone yesterday.
seven 3 yr olds: 1 
Three twenty-two yr olds: 0



  1. Rachel, you are lookin' good. Way to stay away from the sweets, you are a lot stronger than I am.

    Also, yesterday I got home from church I was pooped. Nursery wore me out. I'm glad you and Marissa were there helping though. =)

  2. Yikes. I love sugar. I don't have sweets everyday, but you are definitely very committed! Good work. Oh and btw, I'm not sure what results you're looking for but you look good! I would say you don't need to stay on this sugar fast, but I'm sure we could use a little less sugar in our lives. Stay strong!

  3. You have done so well with that, Rachel!!! Sugar is bad for you period and the less of it we eat the better off we are. I was good yesterday and took a health food bar with me to the movies instead of my usual candy bar. Proud of myself for it! However, I ate a half bucket of popcorn--not good but a vice I think I will keep since I enjoy it so much!


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