Thanks everyone for the car insurance tips!  We've got it on State Farm right now, but we're still lookin to see what our best option is! :)

So work is going good & life is good! No complaints! We are loving life & it is beginning to slow down again now that checkouts are over & Wes' fire season is coming to a close!  He was on a fire last weekend that consisted of 9 firefighters. His squad plus another.  by Monday night 4 of the 9 had gone home. Wes came home Monday night to sleep & had to go to the fire the next day. But as the night went on he felt more and more sick! So, he had to call in. Then Tuesday night his boss called & said he didn't want Wes coming in on Wednesday because they don't want the bug spreading more! It was a good brain break & body break for Wes. Especially since his last day of work is Saturday & he starts school on Monday! He'll be a busy little beaver!  

I've been working as BYU staff as I got hired on at the BYU Student Health Center full time! Wow I'm sure excited! I love my job & coworkers! I'm loving the work & the patients! It's nice to just have work & not school to think about! It's also nice to just have one person's schooling to pay for this semester!
I have my benefits meeting next week & I'm thrilled! It's not a prestigious job or even one that requires my degree. I love my education & I love my job, so I am happy!

Oh & I didn't share with ya'll but while I was in New York the young Brinkerhoff's became debt free!!! Yay! We paid off Wes' school loans & we are completely debt free. It is miraculous. If I was extremely open I would share with ya'll our crazy financial stance during our first year of marriage. We started out poor, got poorer & through mounds & MOUNDS of blessings from the Lord have been blessed with great jobs & great job opportunities! We still have to work hard, but we have learned the blessing that having work is!  We love our jobs & are so grateful for them!  I'm also so grateful of Weston's tremendous work ethic! He works so hard to keep our family above water & to get us started on an incredible foot! We have both matured in our views about cars, homes, & other nice things :)  It's been a great learning process over the past year!

I sure love Wes & have loved this past year! He treats me so well & with so much respect! I love and respect him too! He is just the smartest, handsomest, sweetest, strongest man alive & I couldn't ask for a single thing about him to be changed!

Anyway, my family has been in town & it's been fabulous! My mom came in town because she couldn't stand the idea of Spencie leaving home. So she wanted to be here to help him move into his dorm & get all settled!  Then, my dad happened to have to come on business...wow I was so ecstatic! So, I've been working till 6 every day, of course & then at night for a few hours getting time with the fam! Spencie has been reffing every night so we've missed him & Dani has been moving into her new apartment, & doing parent conferences, so we've missed her, too! But tonight we're all getting together for the first time this week...except now Wes just got called on a fire, so this Sunday will really be our only time of all being together :) but atleast we get a few hours that day! Of course we're missing Chaser! He's so fun & I can't believe how grown up he is & starting high school...what? baby brother in high school? weird. Anyway, life is good & mom & I have had a lunch date to Zupas yesterday & today on my lunch break...wow fun! 

That's the update for now! Sorry, no pictures!


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  1. Now that was a super happy one to read! Love that your family gets to be together for a few precious hours! Love that you love your husband so much and he loves you! Love that you have a job you appreciate and enjoy! Why there was so much to love about this entry... Love all you guys myself and miss you! Have fun!


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