Introducing: Miss Siena Reichert

 Wes & Me w/ Siena! I can dream, right?
 love at first sight
 daddy's little twin & daddy's little girl!
 New family of three!
Kris is a great mom!
 Is she a Reichert or is she a Reichert?
 I died over Wes holding the baby.  Handsome man of mine!
It only took a little training for Wes to hold her, this is about as comfortable as it looked, I told him it's like cradling a football...hahah he did just that!  It was so hilarious, Wes is adorable on the way there "Don't make me hold the baby!" hahah he gets so scared to drop or hurt new little babies, probably because he's so huge!
 2 extremes: 1 very small baby + 1 very big hand!
 hahaha he had his eyes dilated before we went
 Joel showing us some of Siena's tricks! 24 hrs old & she already knows how to do so much!
Joel's a little proud of his baby!

She is so so so cute!

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