NTB The Work Album Release Concert

 Cute boy & beautiful weather!
 Sun was going down before the show started!

 I love those dimples!!

After that the camera was put in my purse. Under my chair.  In a trash bag from the concession stand.  That's right.  It DOWNPOURED most of the concert.  Luckily it stopped a little after the intermission & just sprinkled off & on after that. So we sat there, shivering, wet & so incredibly happy to be there!
Basically, that's why the camera was put away until the end of the show!

 The show was great w/ tons of big names in it...but my favorite.  Billy Dean. Golly I love his music.
 They've outdone themselves once again.  The incredible Nashville Tribute Band!

Jason & me!
 My hair dried miraculously. I should start styling my hair with rain more often.
 Wes & Jason!
Wes' shoulder is still soaked from the rain!

look on their website Nashvilletribute.com and check out their tour series & find a location near you. You will NEVER regret going to one of their shows! One thing that made me a teency bit sad about the album opener is Jason didn't talk as much as he normally does. If you've never met him, Jason is hilarious, witty & extremely off color. I love it.

It was the perfect personality combo for an early mornin seminary teacher!


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