What are YOU interested in?

I am making a Public Health blog and would like to know which topics interest YOU as my blog readers, or which topics you would like more information and easier access to!
Ideas include: Children's health, the latest on Immunizations, Healthy Recipes, Fun Workout Ideas, World Health Updates, Geriatric Health
I am just trying to see what people want to know most about. I know which healthy topics are my favorite, but I want this blog to appeal to a broader audience than just myself ;)
I need your feedback to know what I should be catering towards. I will do the research & find the information from reliable sources & it will be a good resource for your assistance!


  1. I've always had a fancy for the health of the natives of Mongolia... Is this new blog a project or something for your major or just a thing you fancy? I would like to know about healthy recipes that can be made in five minutes or less for $5 or less with 5 ingredients or less... you know that would be a great idea for a cookbook... you could make quite the load of cash off that... you should pursue it.

  2. How do I go from exercising very, very little, to running a 5K. And learning to love running.

  3. I love to read recipes and the healthy ones would be the best, but I love reading about you and how things are going with YOU, the best! It would be interesting for me to even know about your health classes and the new things you are learning and maybe the 'AHA' moments in your learning, Rachel. I have a lot of health publications coming to my place right now in the mail.

  4. You'd have fun talking with your Aunt A.J., cause she has always loved your field and reads a lot about it, too! You have a lot in common it seems.

  5. definitely healthy recipes.

    maybe random facts about things? like FYI's you'd never think of...

    i love to read your blog. YAY MARRIED LIFe!


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