1 day left!
This is what the day will be like in a nutshell
6am-rise & shine!
7:45-arrive at SLC temple w/ fiance, mom, & dad's
8:30-friends & family arrive
9am-sealing begins!
9:30-sealing is over & Wes & I are married together FOREVER!
10am-pictures outside the temple for a few hours
5pm-family dinner at The Oasis
7pm-reception at The Oasis
9pm-split for the hotel in Price! Party!
Excited? You have no idea.
This week has been insanely busy between work, bridal showers, first week of school, nails & photoshoots, wedding finalizations, recieving ordinances in the temple, etc, etc, etc.
Life is AWESOME!
I am so so so so happy!
Everyone please, PLEASE pray with me that Weston's ring makes it in today...we NEED to have it by tomorrow!!!!!! There were huge hiccups with his wedding ring, as in, it was a size too big. Not cool.
p.s. a girl called in today & made an appt for her 1 yr old daughter. . . names Samara, yes, pronounced just like The Ring girl...creepy? Yes. Even if that was your favorite name ever, I would not be able to name my child that after an extremely sick & twisted movie character!


  1. Congratulations! you are Married now!!! yay! Wish I could have been there. Hope it was everything you dreamed of and more!
    ps. maybe samaras mom hasnt seen the movie...at least that is what I am going to tell myself

  2. Rachel...You are now MRS. BRINKERHOFF and living it up on your amazing honeymoon! What a day that was...Sept. 3rd...hope you will always remember how amazing it was and what an amazing man you married! Of course, WOW! did he get a winner in you too!

  3. Thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful eternal day with you. Happy days. Can't wait for wedding pics on the blog.


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