Life doesn't get any better!

I am now back in "reality"...wow we are so happy! I am going to be creating us a Brinkerhoff Blog, so stay tuned for a hyperlink & web address for that, it'll be equally awesome & then some, so you might want to read that one.
But just because I owe it to my readers (hi mom!), I wanted to let yall know a little bit about the past couple weeks.
We were sealed by Elder Anderson & it was a beautiful ceremony! Weston & I were sealed together for time & ALL eternity! I can't yet grasp the enormity of that, but I know I am so blessed and have the most wonderful husband EVER! We went to St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands on our honeymoon....yeah... AMAZING! The reception in Orangeville was an absolute dream as well! I was SO so so happy with EVERYTHING. I'm not kidding, going back to the wedding day I would not change a single thing. Not the way a single piece of hair even laid. It was perfect & more! Thank you so much to everyone who helped especially the Brinkerhoff clan & extended family too who put on the dinner & the beautiful reception & my family who helped with everything. They did a complete makeover on our apartment the week before the wedding...it looks amazing!
The down comforter is missing though...if anyone has seen it...please let us know our duvet cover (& me) would greatly appreciate it!
We had so much fun the 2 days we were in Tennessee & hope to be able to visit again soon! We got to have both families in Utah for the wedding & reception & both families in Tennessee (minus Deej, boohoo!) & it was so much fun! Our families worked so hard to get everything in order! Everything looked beautiful, again!
I've got to play catch up on some school work, but I'll post some pictures later this afternoon from our adventures!


  1. So fun to catch your blog, Rachel and it will be neat to hear about Mr. Brinkerhoff, too, in the combined new family blog! Glad you are still able to do it. We are always so hungry to hear about our girl and now we have this wonderful added family member, too! You make such a beautiful couple and I have to agree that everything was just PERFECT!!! Sorry about the comforter problem--no fun at all on that one!

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  3. Sorry, Rach and Wes, but it put my same comment in twice so I deleted the 2nd one!

  4. I wish I could have gone to your wedding! I am so so so so happy for you and excited to hear all about your new little family.


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