2 things I've never done...

Left the Brigham Young University testing center with an A.
Given a talk in a student ward.
I'm not in a student ward anymore, so that one won't have ever happened, but maybe I'll give my first BYU talk ever this year...or else I'm the one person who left BYU without speaking in Sacrament Meeting. Rare!
The A is going to happen on a testing center exam this year, though!


  1. Those are nifty goals, Rach! I guess you will have to wait until the Bishopric calls you on the talk but you can do the A any ole time! Glad you are enjoying school so much. You are a really smart girl so I see no problem whatsoever in meeting that goal for an A!

  2. I am no longer in a BYU ward because Jeff and I go to a family ward and I never gave a talk when I was in a BYU ward. So you can join me in my awesome club.


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