My new love...

So, my one &only Paul Mitchell straightener (that I got through my cousin, Lisa, who is a hair girl, in 2010) totally BUSTED. Well, it gave up the ghost, the morning after our wedding...yeah I had an awesome hair do. But it worked solid for 3 years. I loved it. I was sad to see it go. So was Weston, mostly because they cost an arm & a leg. However, yesterday I was introduced to my new favorite, the Babyliss Pro! It's not the one in the picture below, it's wider. It's a monster straightener & works like a gem! (thanks Kristie for coming & having the secret password to let me shop at the salon store!) Thanks husband for not murdering me for 'needing' this! He's so sweet to me. We also forked out $50 to get a locksmith to replace our mailbox lock because we lost the master key...dangit. ***GOOD NEWS*** the book that I spent a gazillion hours to design & make & that my mom bought for us to use as our wedding sign in book. WELL, we had lost it.... or I thought. I had packed it from Tennessee to Utah in August & we have lost quite a few things in the move to our new apartment, so when I searched the pockets of all my suitcase & the special pocket I'd carried it in & couldn't find it, I was devastated. It was such a special book to me. But, we used some little journal as our sign in book & it was perfect, I was just sad to not even have the other one. BUT, last night my mom & I were talking & about how sad it was that that book was lost. & then she said that she'd looked inthe special pockets of all the suitcases at home, but turns out, she was lookin in the wrong pockets, so she went to the attic & found the book in the hidden pocket! HOORAH!! I am so happy! We were cheering on the phone. It was pretty rad! xoxogoodbyeafro!


  1. Yay! That was a happy, happy discovery! The hidden pocket, that is! JK! THE BOOK! YAY! It's a gem of a book too!

  2. That just made me so happy that you found that beautiful book, too! What a crime if it continued to show up missing! Somehow I have managed all these years without a straightener, Rach, but then look where I'm at. Hummmm... you think a straightener would do the trick?!! LOL Oh, to be young and beautiful, TOO!


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