Happy as a clam!

Cute little bedhead-boy the first week after we got back from the honeymoon, using our SWEET waffle-maker! (thank you Janet! :))
Our first inkling of organization! Our collage, we were so proud! it was our first Sunday home, everything else was a disaster, but this collage was the light at the end of the tunnel of messiness :) & then there's that awesome picture of the temple his mission president & wife gave us in Tennessee.... it's so beautiful!
Our date to Temple Square's Roof Restaurant!
I love that smile!Unsuccessful attempt to get a picture with us and the temple! He takes his drink order very seriously, but always ends up ordering the same thing. Strawberry or Raspberry LemonadeRedo: Partially successful!
Everyone kept asking us what we were celebrating. We told them our 3 week anniversary! hahah We happened to been married for 3 weeks when we went.
As we were leaving our waiter said,"so we'll see you back here on your 6 week anniversary, right?" I responded,"Yeah right! We don't have anymore gift cards!"
Sad, but true :) It was an AWESOME evening!
Afterward we got to enjoy the nice weather and walk around temple square & just chat. It was such a lovely evening!Cute Jenna about to blow out her birthday candles for her awesome 22nd birthday! xoxolifeisgood


  1. This is the GREATEST blog post! I loved seeing the pics so much! You need to put these on FB...they are so super cute of both of you! Rachel, you look AMAZING on your date and Weston looks so so handsome too! Wow!

  2. so fun with the temple in the background! i love that picture!

  3. Glad your enjoying the waffle maker. I enjoy your blog. Tell Weston hello for me.


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