We honeymooned!

Catching up in school hasn't been as awful as I dreaded! (yet, I'm not totally caught up, but it's goin well :D) Here's some pictures from our honeymoon to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands! It was amazing! (Thanks Mom & Dad!) These pictures are in no Chronological order, I apologize! & yes, we had a 2 story hotel room, we had a spiral staircase & two full baths. It was a loft style room & upstairs was the bed & the ENORMOUS bathroom that itself was the size of our bedroom in our apartment! The tub was HUGE & had jets, it had a big closet, dancing room, a turlet, & a stand up shower...it was amazing! We had so much fun & had the most beautiful view from our balcony! Snorkel time!
Pool party!
Our first day...we're kewl kids. Especially with Wes' goggles. & that big ball behind his head that makes me think he has a circle head.
Taxi ride to the airport at the end of the week! Sad to leave!
Outside the waterfall into the pool! Yes, Weston's shirt is already off & he has the BEST farmer's tan ever.
He told me he was born with a farmers tan...I'm starting to believe him!

Breakfast on the balcony!

Leaving the island, you can see our hotel in this picture, but I can't point at it, it's in the top right corner of this picture, though!
Flight home, Wes watched "Robin Hood"...I watched "Babies".
Flight home!

Airport in Virgin Islands in our matching tees!

On our balcony showing the bay behind us!
Downtown in Charlotte Amalie!
About to go to the gym!
Wes was doin pushups, I was playing physical trainer & told him to clap between, this is a pretty sweet action shot!
We had a little date in our room one night!
On the ferry to downtown!
Drying off as the clouds roll in!
One of our first days on the island!
On our plane ride to Atlanta on our first leg to the Virgin Islands!


  1. can you say 'SELF TIMER'
    good to see
    i'm glad you didn't wear any scandelous bathing suits. eh em.
    must be nice, a vaca.

  2. What fun to see these pictures and hear your story...a few thoughts...1. Did you get pics of your room/bathroom?
    2. You look so cute and have cute legs!
    3. In the first picture...Weston's holding the camera and taking the picture-I love that his arms are so long that you have a total view of everything around you too! He has the longest arms in the history of man...call Guinness! Love you!!!
    4. Did you like Babies?

  3. I'm glad yall enjoyed :) & we only self-timered one picture! That's not too bad! & no, I'm such a dork, I forgot to take pictures of all that...go figure...sorry mom!

  4. Love all your pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  5. I loved the way you wrote up your fun times and then the very first picture drew a big laugh of you both in your snorkling masks! These are such a great times to savor and keep close to you for a long time to come! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place with such beautiful people!


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