Baking with Love.

Something I love about Weston, he does exact measurements. When I bake it is a dash of this & some of that.
Have you ever seen these before?
Well, they're measuring spoons. Shaped like hearts. My mom got them for me at the Tennessee bridal shower.
Okay, so fast forward to our new apartment & to the day below that Wes was making the strawberry waffles. He needed a Teaspoon to measure the Vanilla. He pulls out our only measuring spoons... The heart ones.
He starts to try to find the Teaspoon... I hear the spoons starting to clink in an urgent manner.... "A pinch of love, a spoonful of laughter, a dash of hope......THESE AREN'T REAL MEASUREMENTS!" As if, now the waffles are ruined...FOREVER!
I have never laughed so hard. He looked distressed like he just found out it was the end of the world. It was the cutest thing ever! I went over and turned the spoons over & on the back, sure enough, there was 1 tbsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp, etc., etc., etc.!
I still die over that! Wes is so funny :)


  1. How cute! I didn't know about these darling measuring spoons until now. As you know, never got to either of your showers! Such a fun story!

  2. They are TOO real measurements! Measurements of your LOVE!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hilarious!!!

  3. Haha!! I really laughed at that. How funny! I actually have these exact measuring spoons. They are cute!


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