Ringing In His 27th Year Right!

Weston's birthday was so much fun!
My family was all out of town, but my grandmother was here.
Sunday night He opened a couple early gifts from me!

Weston doesn't work on Mondays so we were so lucky he had it off!
The morning started off right with some airplane rides for Ivy.
She loves them.
Especially because Daddy's airplane rides can reverse in the sky. That's unique, because Southwest's airplanes don't do that.
Weston studied all morning.
While Ivy took her long mid-day nap, I went & did some surprise birthday shopping for birthday hats & balloons!
& I picked up his surprise cake.
It was an ice cream roll cake from Baskin Robbins.
Don't get it.
It tasted so bad.
I was bummed mostly because I paid so much for it & it was gross. He was so excited, though, that I found his dream cake!
Ivy was really tired through the whole birthday celebration ahhaha, but she didn't cry, so we gave her imaginary cake for being so good.

Weston was 23 when we got married, so it's pretty weird that we've been married for a while now & that he's getting so old. :)
The wrapped presents from Grandmother, me, & my parents!
We finally got seated at the restaurant right at 7 o'clock.
Which is Ivy's bed time.
She was so so so tired, but did really well, considering!
Weston had a lot of fun at our favorite restaurant & his birthday pick of O'Charleys.
We love that place!
Their Black & Bleu Salad makes me so happy.
Such a good, tired sport through dinner.
After dinner we went to Dick's where Weston got new running shoes from my parents!
This is really good, because his old shoes could talk & had so many holes...
Thanks mom & dad! He now can run his half marathon without breezy feet!
She passed out on our way home!
We had so much fun!
I had fun being able to spoil Weston (I got him a bunch of little car cleaning supplies, sponge, rain-x, etc.)
He's washed the car 400 times since his birthday now.

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