Have I told you we are living with my parents?

It has been a huge blessing for us.
When my parents are home (My dad commutes all over the country Monday-Friday for work & is home on the weekends & my mom goes with him sometimes) I get to spend time with them. I haven't lived near my family for 7 years since I left for college 2,000 miles away.
I have loved the few short months we've been back.
It is wonderful to be able to save cost on rent to prepare for grad school!

Ivy is so blessed to have amazing grandparents.
This baby is so loved.

Ivy's top fave person is Mimi.

 & Pops is her best pal.
 She partied too hard & literally crashed at 7:15 at the restaurant.
She has a strict 7pm bedtime & so the two times she's been out past that she has totally wiped out right after.
Schedules are wonderful things!


  1. IN LOVE with every single one of those pictures!!! Mom is such a good mimi! Dad is such a good grumps! Wish I could be there.

  2. Your beautiful Momma looks way to young to be a grandmother!


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