Country Music Marathon

He's done it again.
My running-loving husband ran another half.
He's run a few marathons & a handful of half-marathons!
Ivy & I went to cheer him on.
I had a horrible sickness, I have no idea what. But it made hiking through hilly downtown with a baby in tow quite the adventure!
1. I love him | 2. V was perfect the whole time. Slept most the morning away since we peeled her out of bed at 5am. | 3. Just so you know he knows I didn't skip out of town & just come back for the finish line | 4. Finished! | 5. Family photo sesh | 6. He's just a little bit of a proud dad. He wanted Ivy in his Half Marathon pic. She was a hit. | 7. Weston & V with the Nashville Skyline | 8. Hiking back to the car | 9. My winterized feet got destroyed for the first time this summer.

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